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Three major things changed in my life in 2017. I discovered AirPods I was given an annual membership to I learned about listening in 3x speed The combination of those three things has inspired me to start consuming content again. You see, I have been on a content diet for the last five years. So, here are some books and podcasts I’ve enjoyed and recommend. One thing to note, I...

I Spoke @TEDxBerlin about Artificial Intelligence

The first minute and thirty-eight seconds have audio problems. Hopefully my jokes make sense. I had the pleasure of speaking about AI, and the Impact on Justice. This is personally a relevant topic because Airhelp is doing just that. We’re building AI models that help us become more efficient at identifying eligible delayed flights. Laws can be complicated, so much so even Airlines...

Building a Growth Culture

I recently did a talk at Eu-startups. The topic was building a growth culture within your company.
In this video, I speak specifically about how to define a growth culture, how to identify the right people, and finally the results achieved at Airhelp once we established our culture.

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