I’m a Los Angeles native living in Berlin, Germany. Passionate about finding opportunities to create impact. I believe that a strong company culture (values) is the single most telling factor when predicting the future of an organisation.

Here is a list of values I personally live by (some mine some borrowed):

  1. Results over activity.
  2. Growth is a mindset, not a tactic.
  3. Praise publicly, feedback privately – Radical Candor
  4. Yearn for the vast and endless sea
  5. There are no features, bugs, or products only opportunities.

Currently @Hostelworld as the Chief Product Officer

I’m available for advisory positions, speaking engagements, and coffee meetings.

I product Youtube videos teaching a range of topics: Product Management, Career, Business, etc.

I enjoy public speaking:
Building a Growth Culture
AI, and the Impact on Justice
Why Product Managers Hate Product Management.

Random Links:
Videos of me playing table tennis.
My dance team won America’s Best Dance Crew.
Some statistics about my travel habits
A list of all the places I’ve eaten and would recommend.

Ways to reach me:
Email, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram.